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Business video production services

Stories for companies of all sizes

Media Facilities has over 20 years of experience in creating audiovisual and interactive stories for companies of all sizes, as well as public institutions. A team of hands-on professionals provide high-quality business video production services, cutting-edge 3D animations and to-the-point interactive presentations that will astound your audience. From our wide network of film professionals, we bring together the best specialists for each individual project. Media Facilities puts at your disposal their first-rate expertise in all areas of video productions, animations & interactive tools.

  • We capture the moment

    Media Facilities delivers highly experienced camera crews & animators who deliver broadcast quality images. As of the start of the project the Media Facilities crew will work in close relationship with the client. No matter where: surgery rooms, production sites, office buildings or just somewhere outdoors... . No matter who: we interview patients, healthcare professionals, employees or members of your own staff.

  • We translate and deliver your message

    We understand that every story deserves its own visual identity. So we visualize in line with your branding, we edit in line with the spirit of your message, we orient your content towards the target group you have in mind. Filming, animating and editing is one thing, telling a story yet another… We deliver your message.

  • We visualize information

    Media Facilities creates powerful and inspiring 2D, 3D & illustrated animations in order to support educational or informational content. We storyboard and design visuals for your kick-off events, product launches, sales meeting, training purposes… Depending on the goals, we create detailed animations of your products, services, step- by -step procedures and manufacturing processes.

  • We offer multimedia solutions

    Media Facilites specializes not only in making professional broadcast quality movie productions. We also deliver customer friendly and easy to use interactive tools and animations including applications for your tablet. We customize your media.

  • We guarantee confidentiality

    We are used to work discretely and we help you to secure your information by working in close collaboration with all partners involved.

  • We operate internationally

    Media Facilities operates in Europe but also abroad. We are used to serve all types of audiences and understand the cultural needs and wants of international communication.

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