Janssen Cognito

Gaming with important winning messages for employees


Our brief

Janssen wanted a series of games which helped increase employees’ product knowledge of their main portfolio. This included product names, logos, disease areas and types of disease, gamification was the ideal way to provide serious professional instruction in an effective way. One must-have was that we created 5-minutes of fun that everyone could enjoy no matter what their age or position in the company.

Our solution

We created fun mini-games with something for everyone called Cognito. The main screen was a visualization of a Janssen campus, with each building having a different game inside. At the centre of the campus was The Janssen Orb of Wisdom, representing Janssen’s specialist knowledge. We then build a story around this with the Orb of Wisdom needing to be recharged by the brainpower of everyone playing. Individual games were then created, each with different level of difficulty unlocked by successfully completing the previous one.



As employees progressed through the games the campus evolved from simple building to more advanced ones using animation.


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