Novartis business continuity

Turning disasters into entertaining yet important messages using green screen 3D animation


Our brief

Novartis asked for a series of short movies that explained the impact of business continuity in an engaging way. The main goal was to raise awareness as a teaser to a bigger internal project.

Our solution

We created a series of 4 short movies using humour for real stand-out and a memorable message. In each, an all-knowing voice talks to a Novartis employee (played by an actor) about the importance of business continuity. The employee pretends to know all about this but by creating a series of disasters behind him, we show he hasn’t got a clue. All backgrounds and situations are 3D graphical animations that were added later in post-production. We then added a dynamic soundscape for added drama.



We created these clips by filming the actors in a green screen studio with only a few key props present.


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