Janssen Ambassador e-learning

E-learning using interactive storytelling to captivate trainees from their first to final click


Our brief

As a global pharmaceutical company, Janssen’s employees needed to know how to act when confronted with difficult or prejudice question. We needed to develop an e-learning tool called the Ambassador Programme so that if the time ever came, employees could confidently give the right answers.

Our solution

We created 16 interactive e-learning videos using different real-life settings with each addressing an often discussed topic such as animal testing, clinical trials, payments to doctors, patents and making profits. Each video could be played in the employee’s language.


We used actors to get the required performances and chose interesting and entertaining scenarios the employees could connect with. The story would pause at key points and pose a challenging question with multiple choice answers. The answer given would then be discussed, followed by video the showing the correct answer. At the end of video, the most important messages to remember were highlighted.



With over 10,000 views, the Ambassador Programme has enjoyed astonishing success with different offices in different countries eagerly hosting their own local launches.


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