Novartis LCZ696

A web-based interactive movie explaining the history of the medicine LCZ696


Our brief

Novartis challenged us to visualize the birth of their new medicine LCZ696 in a way that would fascinate different viewers. It was a story of hard work, involving many different people over a long period of time with much trial and error.

Our solution

We created a web-based interactive movie explaining the history of the medicine. This featured a main movie with pop-up windows for more information – all of which the viewer could navigate their way through. We began the movie with a visually arresting overview of LCZ696’s development from beginning to end. This was followed by an interactive time-line that offered everything from additional movies, animations and pictures to extra articles, written documents and links to websites.



By creating a web-based solution we provided both a chronological story to watch and an interactive tool in one.


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