Novartis Exelon media toolkit

Multiple clips in a variety of languages, all in an easy-to-use media toolkit


Our brief

Novartis asked us to develop content promoting the superior USPs of Exelon in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. As this was for their sales reps all over the world, the finished media toolkit needed to be easy to use as well as in multiple languages.

Our solution

First, we created all the content, from filming opinion-leader testimonials to producing 3D animation and infographics. We then combined filmed images with graphical data and keywords, followed by recording all the different languages needed.


Once everything was in place, we developed a well-structured online media toolkit for the sales reps that was easy to use, effective and eye-catching. Included in the kit were downloadable features and language selection as well as the unique option to add a personalised disclaimer screen at the end of every movie. Every kind of media, from video to PowerPoint could be played on any device anywhere in the world.




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